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horse riding lessons

Our Mission

At Summerville Stables' we help you thrive. Our mission is to run a professional equine facility that provides a safe and empowering experience. Our highly trained staff have a love for horses that shows in everything we do.

Lessons and Training


Our highly trained staff have a love for horses that shows in everything we do. From kids to adults, we teach private and group horseback riding lessons in English, Western, Dressage, Jumping, Groundwork, and Horsemanship. Students may bring their own horses or use one of our safe, gentle, and experienced lesson horses or ponies.


Whether your pony or horse needs his first 30 days under saddle or is ready for specialized training in riding, showing, jumping, or has developed bad habits, Tracy can help make your equine partner your best friend!

riding lessons with young kids
Tracy Guiding an Adult Rider (11).jpg

Events, Trail Access, and More

Our family-friendly horse facility offers a variety of kid and adult camps and other events throughout the year. Click the button below to see the events throughout the year or to book a celebration, birthday party, or special event at Summerville Stables.


Located on beautiful 40 acres, Summerville Stables has easy access to mountainous trails on and off the property, ponds, a cross-country jumping course, and more! Click below to see all of the services we offer on the property.


Some events may require some paperwork before booking. To view all events and descriptions, use the button below!

*The best way to ensure you are signed up for something is to use the contact form on the contact page.


Quick Reminder:

There are many questions that you may have about Summerville Stables and our services or procedures. We want you to know that most if not all, are answered in our paperwork and or your first meeting before you use our services.  Also, a quick note on dogs; Although we truly love dogs and have a few on-site, we do not allow outside dogs at Summerville Stables. This is for the safety of your dog as well as other animals on site.

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