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Summerville Stables Stalls


Horses boarded at Summerville Stables are loved and treated as part of our family. Your horse will love it here! Full care board includes premium grass and/or alfalfa fed twice daily, stalls/runs cleaned twice daily, supplements/grain fed (provided by boarder), and supervision with qualified on-site staff that live on the premises.


At Summerville Stables, we have three different types of boarding for you to choose from. With inside stall boarding, your horse will have its own stall inside our luxurious barn with a run connected to the indoor arena.


The shelter with runs boarding, allows your horse to have access to a private run with a shelter for protection against inclement weather. Horses really like this option for rain, snow, or those hot days.


A dry lot pen with shelter boarding allows your horse to stay in the pasture all day, grouping with other horses. We maintain our pastures very well and check your horses daily. Pasture boarding at Summerville Stables is a safe option for your horse.

*prices are subject to change

Horse in a stall
~ $350/month

Stalls with attached 12×60 sand run, adjoining private grass pasture, and heated automatic waters.

Horse behind fence
Sheltered Runs
~ $300/month

3-sided run-in shelter with sand runs and heated automatic waters.

horses in a pasture
Pasture Board
~ $275/month

group boarding in the herd.

Things To Note

If you are interested, You must first fill out one boarding agreement and an owner information sheet for each horse you wish to board. Once those steps are completed, you are ready to set up your payments to board with us :)

There are key elements in the paperwork for boarding. The big one to remember is we greatly appreciate a 30-day notice before discontinuing our services. Also, please adhere to our processes of supplements and medicine. If you would like to add to your supplement list or medications, please inform Tracy.

Al la Carte:

For additional services, you may be charged at the end of the month because additional services take time. Things like having more than one supplement per day could run you $5 per day, additional medication $5 per day, a Catch and Hold fee of $10, and $25 per month for Afalfa.

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