Whether you love horses but don’t want all the responsibilities of owning a horse or need some riding experience before making the decision to buy a horse, leasing can be a great option! Summerville Stables offers in-barn 1/2 leases on several of our gentle, safe, and experienced lesson horses and ponies. Leasing is a great way to enjoy horse “ownership” without the hassle. An in-barn 1/2 lease includes the use of the selected horse or pony at our barn and the facility. What does a Half Lease mean? It means that Summerville Stables maintains the horse on location.


Come visit, groom, and ride your leased horse any time you like!

*prices are subject to change

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~ $150/Month

Come visit, groom, and ride your leased horse any time you like!

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~ $150/Month

Come visit, groom, and ride your leased pony any time you like!

4H Horse/Pony
~ $150/Month

*4H members may lease a horse or pony to show for the 4H year.

Things To Note

If you are interested You must first fill out one leasing agreement and a liability release. Once those steps are complete, then you're ready to set up your payments to lease with us :)

There are key elements in the paperwork for leasing. The big one to remember is that we greatly appreciate a 30-day notice before discontinuing our services. These are half leases, meaning the horse will remain at Summerville Stables during the duration of the lease.