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close up of Tracy putting a sadle on a horse


Are you a new horse owner, or have you recently bought a new horse? Establishing your relationship with your new horse helps them and you to work together to be successful.


Summerville Stables offers horse and pony training, finishing, tune-ups, and colt starting. While training at Summerville Stables, your horse will receive top-notch care. Full care board and quality feed are included in the training fee.  Horses and ponies are taught the Clinton Anderson Groundwork and Riding Fundamental exercises, resulting in polite and respectful partners. They're desensitized to many unusual objects, animals, noises, and other distractions, making them safe and unflappable mounts. 

Tracy Reed Training: For 30 days of training/starting (includes full care board and feed).​

*prices are subject to change

horse on patience pole
Tracy Reed Training
~ Starting at $1,000 + Board
  • Training

  • Full Care Board

  • Feed 

  • Training, finishing, tuneups, colt starting

Tracy in Clinton Anderson Uniform Posing With a Horse
The Method
Clinton Anderson Training
~  Starting at $6000 + Board

Things To Note

If you are interested, You must first fill out one boarding agreement and an owner information sheet for each horse you wish to have trained. Once those steps are completed, you are ready to set up your payments to have your horse train with us :)

There are key elements in the paperwork for training. The big one to remember is that we greatly appreciate a 30-day notice before discontinuing our services. Also, please adhere to our processes of supplements and medicine. If you would like to add to your supplement list or medications please inform Tracy. Lastly, we do not allow spectators while your horse is being trained; you can still visit and groom your horse while it is in the stalls.

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