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Providing Everything You And Your Horse Need

Whether you board your horse at Summerville Stables or haul-in, you have access to ponds, trails, a cross-country jumping course, an indoor arena, a round pen, patience poles, and jumps, as well as access to a community of horsepeople supporting your equine adventures.

Clinton Anderson Training

Facility Booking

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Horses boarded at Summerville Stables are loved and treated as part of our family. Your horse will love it here! Full care board includes premium grass and/or alfalfa fed twice daily, stalls/runs cleaned twice daily, supplements/grain fed (provided by boarder), and supervision with qualified on-site staff that live on the premises.


At Summerville Stables, we have three different types of boarding for you to choose from. With inside stall boarding, your horse will have its own stall inside our luxurious barn with a run connected to the indoor arena.


The shelter with runs boarding, allows your horse to have access to a private run with a shelter for protection against inclement weather. Horses really like this option for rain, snow, or those hot days.


A dry lot pen with shelter boarding allows your horse to stay in the pasture all day, grouping with other horses. We maintain our pastures very well and check your horses daily. Pasture boarding at Summerville Stables is a safe option for your horse.


Whether you have serious equestrian ambitions, are starting a new hobby, or just love horses, if you take horse lessons at Summerville Stables, we will help you thrive. We walk you through the fundamentals of horses and riding, your safety, and the horse’s safety. You’ll also learn how to tack your horse and the recommended attire you should wear. This is all taught in a fun, friendly atmosphere, so there’s no need to be nervous!


Summerville Stables offers horseback riding lessons for all ages, including English, Western, Dressage, Jumping, and Groundwork. Students may bring their own horses or use one of our safe, gentle, and experienced lesson horses or ponies.


Private lessons are $50 for a one-hour session. There is also a $5 arena fee per lesson ($55 total), which is waived for boarders.

*All riders MUST have a Liability Release on file with Summerville Stables. When you book, you will fill out the form before paying. Thank you!

Click the button below to set up a time to meet our instructors and horses!

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Are you a new horse owner, or have you recently bought a new horse? Establishing your relationship with your new horse helps them and you to work together to be successful.


Summerville Stables offers horse and pony training, finishing, tune-ups, and colt starting. While training at Summerville Stables, your horse will receive top-notch care. Full care board and quality feed are included in the training fee.  Horses and ponies are taught the Clinton Anderson Groundwork and Riding Fundamental exercises, resulting in polite and respectful partners. They're desensitized to many unusual objects, animals, noises, and other distractions, making them safe and unflappable mounts. 

Tracy Reed Training: $450 for 30 days of training/starting for ponies 12 hands and under (includes full care board and feed).

$550 for 30 days of training/starting for ponies over 12 hands (includes full care board and feed).

Click the button below to book your horses or ponies training today!


Whether you love horses but don’t want all the responsibilities of owning a horse or need some riding experience before making the decision to buy a horse, leasing can be a great option! Summerville Stables offers in-barn 1/2 leases on several of our gentle, safe, and experienced lesson horses and ponies. Leasing is a great way to enjoy horse “ownership” without the hassle. An in-barn 1/2 lease includes the use of the selected horse or pony at our barn and the facility. What does a Half Lease mean? It means that Summerville Stables maintains the horse on location.


Come visit, groom, and ride your leased horse any time you like!

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At Summerville Stables, we also offer horses and ponies that are available for purchase. Tracy helps ensure a fit between the horse and rider, so you can best develop a relationship with your horse.


If you would like to use the facilities at Summerville Stables, including our arena and trails, you can haul your horse here to ride for a small fee. 

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Clinton Anderson Training

The Method entered Tracy’s life about 12 years ago when she was looking for a horse for her daughter. This experience had Tracy meet her daughter's trainer, who was doing training that piqued Tracy’s curiosity. The trainer let Tracy borrow her Fundamentals Kit that is used in the Clinton Anderson Training. Tracy studied this and saw immediate results with her own horse. In 2018, Tracy officially entered the business of building people’s confidence and helping them enjoy their horses as a Clinton Anderson Method Ambassador.

When Tracy first earned her Method Ambassador Certificate she said, “People can’t gain confidence if the horses they’re working with aren’t safe and respectful. The Method has made my horses safe, and it’s kept my kids and clients safe,” she continues, “I’m passionate about sharing the Method with other people because I know firsthand the difference it can make in your horsemanship.” 

Along with being a Method Ambassador, Tracy is also a certified Clinton Anderson Colt Starter.

Become a better horseperson by learning with Tracy from her vast equestrian knowledge by clicking the button below!

Facility Booking

Having an equestrian party, celebration, or event? The arena and pastures are available for booking! 

Summerville Stables is also the perfect place to hold a clinic with large pastures, an outdoor cross-country jumping course, trails, and more.


Click the button below to set a time in an available slot!

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